Qubix Trader
Trading Platform

Rich Trading Experience with best-in-class security

Experience multi-asset, multi-device trading platform built for efficient trading experience with most advanced security features in the market. It comes with a robust dashboard for brokers along with risk management capabilities for liquidity providers ensuring top of the class broker operations.

Web Trading

The Qubix Trader Web Platform is perfect for current traders who want a simple user experience with all the critical functionality directly available on a web browser. Buy and sell assets in no time, and make informed decisions based on market sentiment. With Qubix trading suite, we give detailed data on our suite about buying or selling in real-time and stay ahead of the market without having to invest time in conducting your own insecure technical or fundamental analysis.

Qubix trading suite presents Forex and exchange markets from any operating system, which helps users analyse financial markets, place orders which is a risk reduction procedure that protects your trades from losing. A user can access market and pending orders, collect profit, prevent losses, choose to partially block the user positions, for viewing the trading history and charts. With the options available in hand, a user can stay updated with the individual and accumulate the positions at the click of a mouse.

Mobile trading

Qubix Mobile trading allows its brokers or users to access trading platforms from their smartphones rather than being restrained to use conventional trading methods via a computer or in-house server setup. This method allows easier access for smartphone users to regularly manage their accounts even when on the go since it is cloud-managed. Our mobile trading suite’s UI is made with traders & investors in mind. This trading suite updates the users to live performance and updates the stock market.

Social Trading

Nowadays attracting newbie traders without social trading features is near to impossible. As a traditional trader everyone has a learning curve to trade the markets without mentorship. With Qubix’s social trading capabilities, brokers can offer social trading features with copy or mirror trading options. Best of the brokers, used this as an opportunity to build a community which is highly important for retaining the new traders. With API support, one can display a leaderboard by trading pattern, P/L, max. Drawdown thereby showcasing the power of existing traders to attract new ones.

Provide lightning fast & rich-trading experience for all traders, be it a scalper, algo or news trader

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